Sunday, July 18, 2010

Winter in Hawke's Bay

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Winery work is a treat but, when the vines are dormant and the barrels are full, it's good to take a break and go a bit further away. People think of Hawke's Bay as a Summer destination, but if you want to find a little perspective and breathe some really fresh air, an East Coast beach, and a view all the way to Chile can help you forget the day to day trivia.
It did on Sunday anyway, and I really felt better for watching the boys race the waves in under a dark grey sky, with a chill Southerly reminding us that rain would come later in the day.

I enjoy the feeling of open space, of being on the edge of something - and to look at Bare Island and contemplate the forces of the ocean and land and tectonic uplift, while also enjoying the simple pleasure of wet sandy feet and sea-polished stones gave me that nice zen feeling that would probably cost quite a lot to achieve in a clinic .

I also found two stones with holes through them, and everyone knows that they have power, and value. So I feel very lucky today.

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