Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Charlie's Birthday

This post belongs in the 'things only my family are really interested in' so please, move along, nothing to see here...
This is Charlie. He is Seven now.

He's quite happy about it because when you are six, being seven is the best thing in the world. Do you remember when being a year older was a good thing?
Andrew was only a little bit jealous when Cha got presents
Like the Star Wars Lego Speeder ('These are not the Droids you're looking for')

The party was at Onekawa Pool

This is a good idea because 10 small boys can swim, go on waterslides, make noise and mess, and nobody cares.

Seriously, stop looking at me
That's Andrew trying to be in Charlie's picture. Can you see him there? Cha doesn't seem impressed, but he has a fruit kebab so it's all ok really.
Vulcan flavour fruit kebabs

Mmmm - chips, honey  rice bubble biscuits, fruit kebabs, fizzy drink. But nobody was actually sick with excitement. Amazing really...I remember my 8th birthday...it probably looked a bit like this come to think of it.

This is Bella. She is nearly three.
When we weren't eating cake and chippies we went on the waterslides. I don't have pictures of them because I was in them too and my phone isn't waterproof. Here's the outlet...by the time you have run up the stairs a few times you have burned off any amount of chippies and fizz...and if you are carrying a nearly three year old (more! again! faster! splash!) you soon run out of energy.

What did you get?
There were presents.
Lots of presents

Leslie made a soccer ball cake (I made the grass from coconut!)

Bella likes a party. This is her seal towel.

In the end we were all exhausted after our busy morning
Self portrait by Charlie, age 7

And then we had to go to the soccer farewell, where Charlie won 'Golden Boot' for the most goals scored in the season. What a day.

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