Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tragic 80s nostalgia time

You spin me Right Round Baby oh yeah/Round like a record round round

The other day on TradeMe I placed a silly bid on the above...and won. Silly seller said he wouldn't ship it, so it meant nobody outside Hawke's Bay was going to bid. So what if it weighed over 7kg? Anyway, I took it home and plugged it into my growing pile of 1980s analogue stereo gear - all the stuff I coveted back in the day but couldn't afford. It's now silly cheap as the world has gone digital - but I still have a ton of cassettes and LPs in perfectly good condition - it's just that my old turntable and cassette decks have, well, gotten old. Luckily, so have I, so the -then annoying hiss, rumble and what have you is now no longer audible, and with glee I am rediscovering the fun of playing music where a side really means a side - and you have to turn the source over to hear the other side. It's been a load of giggles...

Nakamichi - cower, mortals...
Perreaux - tremble at my awesomeness

Denon - exactly precisely digitally correct

Mission 737s - no accident they are named after a jet...

So - I have all this cool retro stuff. Naturally I had to snuffle in my shed looking for source material. A quick grab last evening yielded good old Len

Don't call me Len
 And Tom....

and then some old Sandie Shaw (mono, also playable stereo) Puppet on a String, Always Something There to Remind Me etc. Then it was on to some more nostalgia

Hmmm, hadn't realised I had this. Must give it back to Mum and Dad

And finally, no album art for it, some late 70s/early 80s RTR Golden Hits of the disco era. Boo Yah.

Secret Shame? Nah - got to embarrass the kids somehow...What's yours?

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